Maria Taylor (1811?-?)

by Steve Rhodes


Maria Taylor was aged 25, married with a son and two daughters, and working as a housemaid and general servant by the time she appeared at the Newcastle Upon Tyne Assizes in Northumberland on the 27 July, 1836, charged with stealing money from the person. She was found guilty of the crime and received a sentence of transportation for 7 years. The convict ship Sarah and Elizabeth departed 16 December, 1836 with 98 female convicts on board, two of whom died during the voyage, and arrived in Port Jackson, NSW on 23 April, 1837.

Maria had been born in Bengal, India about 1811, could read, was Roman Catholic, 5 feet 2 inches (157.48 cm) tall, had a ruddy, freckled and pockpitted complexion, sandy brown hair, hazel speckled eyes, and had a small mole on her right cheek. She had lost a front upper tooth and had a scar on the heel of her right hand and another on the back of the middle finger on her left hand.

During her time as a convict Maria appears to have stayed out of any sort of major trouble and on the 12 December, 1843 received her ticket of leave whilst under assignment to a Mr Davison. Shortly afterwards she received a pardon, but from that point on it becomes difficult to be certain what became of Maria Taylor.

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