Elizabeth Williams (1813?-1854)

by Colin Tuckerman


Elizabeth Williams was born in Ceylon. She had lived with John Bradford in for ten years and had five children with him, only one of whom was still alive. In 1848, she was arrested for stabbing Bradford and was sentenced at the Worcester Assize to 15 years’ transportation.

She sailed on the Stately with 162 other women and 16 children, arriving in Hobart on 2 September 1849. She married John Green, a carpenter, at Longford in the Wesleyan Church on 28 August 1852. They had one child, also named John, born on 1 February 1853.

Elizabeth died one year later on 12 April 1854 at their home at William St, Launceston.  The cause of death was given as heart disease.

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